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Hasan Garage, Mohan Nagar,
440 001 Nagpur,
Maharashtra, India


0712 253 38 05
0712 324 97 77
0712 252 69 25
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  Your Car is our Priority
Your vehicle has hundreds of moving parts all working together.
Through normal driving over time, some of these parts simply wear out or no longer perform the way they should. There are some steps to take for a save car drive. Some tips are already familiar, others which maybe new to you.
First things to check
To make sure that your vehicle is running at its best, your vehicle manufacturer recommends that certain parts and systems are checked at certain intervals.
By following their recommendations, more costly repairs down the road may be avoided.
Air Filter Check the air filter every month; replace it when it's dirty.
Battery Use extreme caution when handling a battery stint, it can produce a explosive gases. Do not smoke spark or light a match near a battery and always wear glasses and gloves.
Have it checked with every oil check. Cables should be attached securely and free of corrosion.
Brake fluid Check brake fluid monthly.
Engine oil Check oil every other fill up.
To maintain peak performance, change oil every 3000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. Replace oil filter with every oil change.
Exhaust Look underneath for broken or loose exhaust clamps or supports. Check for holes in muffler or pipes. Replace rusted or damaged parts. Have emission checked at least once a year.

Inspect belt and hoses monthly. Replace worn, glazed or frayed belts, replace rotten or brittle hoses and tighten clamps.